Chrisfield Data Storage

Crisfield is an IT solution for small businesses made up of Cost Effective Redundant Cluster of Servers.

Who should use it ?

Businesses including doctor's offices, law firms, accounting firms, small factories, IT start-ups, education institutions... whose livelihood depends on important data, be it medical records of patients, client profiles, treatment plans, court documents, client tax information, inventory & order information, research data, daily correspondence, and etc.

Solution in the past.

Most of these data are stored on the computers. What would happen when computers crash, electricity fails, viruses attack? In the past you lost your data permanently or wasted time and manpower on recouping the data. It was only if you could get fractions of the data back. The results were reduced productivity and lost businesses & profit.

How does Crisfield help you?

Now, with the help of Crisfield, you don't have to worry any more! Crisfield is an inexpensive and easy-to-use IT solution designed for small businesses who work on small to large amounts of data daily. By combining the most recent IT technology of RAID, fault tolerance and its unique configuration, Crisfield makes it effortless to prevent data loss and make data backups. Crisfield provides you an IT office environment of enterprise quality at a small business price.

Crisfield's features
  • Windows / Mac / Unix File Server - File server is virtually a Network file cabinet. Instead of storing traditional paper files it stores electronic files. The files are easy to find while saving filing space and money on paper and cabinets. It is now widely used by firms with more than one computer to store, organize and share files among different individuals / departments within the organization. Crisfield system is designed to be fault tolerant. If fault happens, such as hard drive crashes, client won't lose data, especially data that are critical to business. Also Crisfield's file server is compatible among Windows / Mac / Unix system.
  • Backup & Recovery Services - Data is stored on RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) in Crisfield system. Redundant copies are made of the Data on the disks. When fault happens, the system continues to run without interruption. Data loss prevention is automatic. In Crisfield, data backup happens on a regular basis. At the end of a business day a secretary just needs to insert a media and push a button on an automatically generated computer command displayed on the screen to make a data backup disc or discs.
  • Windows Domain Logon - Use the features of User Name and Password to control the credentials of users. It is an effective way of controlling different individual's access to different information / data according to their relevant responsibilities in an organization.
  • Network Client Management - Integrated DHCP server, and Window domain log-on, back up of remote disks.
  • Database - Clustered database allows clients to have reliable, fault-tolerant access to their business data without noticing redundancy.
  • Application Server - Enable companies make web sites taking on functions such as shopping cart, pay bills online, online employee time sheets, vendors / contracts management, production line management, quality control and etc.
  • E-mail Services - Office internal e-mail, individual employee e-mail services either private or public.
  • Dummy-proof Maintenance - If something were to break, because of the fault-tolerant feature of Crisfield, no immediate action is required. A dummy-proof user replaceable module will be shipped promptly to you including simple instructions on replacement along with a pre-paid shipping label for mailing back the broken parts. Even a receptionist can handle the procedure. You don't need a on-staff computer technician.
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