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eDoctorAsia is the first fully integrated healthcare solutions provider (HSP) dedicated to enabling complete information technology solutions for medium to small healthcare enterprises in Taiwan and Asia. We serve our customers’ financial, administrative, and clinical management needs by providing in-depth strategic consultations and application tailored towards application service provider management models. By managing our customers’ information technology environments and strategies, we enable them to use best-of-class applications, even if they don’t have the upfront capital or technical expertise to purchase and run these top-tier solutions on their own.


Currently there exists a market opportunity to serve the information technology (IT) needs of medium to small healthcare enterprises (MSHE) in Asia – this includes medium-sized hospitals, and independent physician enterprises. The healthcare enterprises we target provide for over 93% of outpatient visits yet they do not have enough viable short-term cost-saving solutions nor sufficient long term IT strategies. There is a ready and growing demand for customized tools supported by integrated data management systems. Some tools with immediate demand include: integrated equipment technologies, patient and resource scheduling, patient record management, claims processing, and customer relationship management.

The ability for our target market to acquire such tools is in sharp contrast to the largest of healthcare enterprises that are rapidly adopting technology solutions into their data management processes. Unlike the largest of healthcare enterprises, the traditional barriers MSHEs face include: 1) high upfront cost of software licensing and IT infrastructure; 2) low quality, customization, and scalability of IT solutions; 3) long implementation time; 4) shortage or complete absence of IT human resources to install, upgrade, and maintain consistent high quality services.

Thus, MSHEs seek a new breed of integrated and customized healthcare solutions, but these solutions must be delivered without the heavy capital expenditures required for traditional legacy systems and maintained without heavy in-house IT human resource.

Business Concept

eDoctorAsia deploys customized and integrated information management services in an application service provider (ASP) management model. Priced in a similar manner as monthly access to utilities such as telephone or power that have long been accepted by businesses and consumers, our customers will be charged a competitive monthly subscription fee for our solutions. Our solutions allows healthcare providers to acquire easy-to-use, value-driven IT services at a predictable monthly operational service charge thus avoiding heavy capital expenditures while benefiting from rapid implementation time and increased support services.

The customizable advantages of our solution stems from our unique “tool bag” approach to problem solving. Rather than developing a single large-scaled package that does not satisfy the specific needs of any customer, we innovate our proprietary technologies in a modular manner based on the common denominators shared by healthcare enterprises. With this design methodology, our customers’ are not forced to adopt a single inflexible package, instead we enable them to divide their needs into discrete components that we can satisfy fully in an economical and efficient manner. This win-win situation for both parties also provides scalability for our customer to adjust to regulatory and customer demands in the near future.

We help our customers effectively use information technology by analyzing their business strategies, technical competence, business management processes and abilities to support existing information technology. Based upon the results of our analysis, we help our clients understand their existing level of information technology capability. With our technical designs, we are then able to link procedures and data between each of the solution modules providing a seamless and integrated data management solution.

Publicly traded companies, TriZetto and Medical Manager, have formed the foundation for our business concepts. Early research data have shown that these two companies may soon become America’s healthcare IT industry leaders. Combined with our local market expertise, we have adapted these emerging healthcare IT concepts to the specific needs of the healthcare industry in Asia. At this time, we are an early mover in introducing a comprehensive healthcare IT solution to the Asian market, which is predicted by 2004 to be as large and as mature as the United States.

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