Staffing and Outsourcing Services

PD Inc.'s strategic selection of consultants bring you the precise expertise you need. We do it with flexibility, speed and an uncompromising dedication to matching the right skills and experience to the best opportunities, so that every engagement is a win-win for both you and your staff.

Our recruiters are professionals, who understand the complexities of their field. We use a consultative approach that addresses your business goals, as well as your staffing and outsourcing requirements. You benefit from PD Inc.'s extensive research capabilities but also from its strong relationships throughout the business community. PD Inc. recruiters serve as career advisors to working professionals across town and across the world, so they know exactly where to find the skills you need.


PD Inc. provides fast, efficient outsourcing services in the face of tightened budgets and increased expectations, offering improved performance based on proven methods and real-world applications of the latest technologies and most innovative ideas.

Working as a guide, we can help you seize the ideal outsourcing strategies that meet your organization's unique needs, helping your team increase productivity and focus on mission-critical responsibilities. We put our network of businesses to work for you, leveraging our global relationships and our ability to mobilize the right people to accelerate the delivery of valuable tools, technologies, resources and results.


PD Inc. provides flexible staffing for every department within your organization. Through our dedication, we know how to answer the challenge of transforming your limited resources into a more efficient, cost-effective solution for you

Our complete line of services offers high-level professionals with skills ranging from the Office to the Factory, from the Tech Site to the Trade Show, from the Law Firm to the Lab. Our unique and flexible services provide the freedom and support necessary for your success.

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