PD Inc provides solutions across a wide variety of industries, with expertise in many diverse areas.


PD Inc uses an Applied Think Tank organization to integrate business solutions, create clear and well-defined architecture, and target horizontal markets for our customers. Because each of our consultants has a strong background in their specific field, we are able to focus on vertical markets as well. By mixing industry best practices, the brightest technical minds and an in-house unique business process: Accurate Project Management (APM), PD Inc is able to deliver meaningful and direct results.

Our Strategy: Fulfill cutomers' needs beyond expectation

The industry of IT consulting has been a rapidly expanding field as companies look for more expert teams to solve their technology problems. However, the industry has consistently disappointed clientele by not fulfilling customers' expectations. Two of the most glaring deficiencies have been failures to meet customer requirements and failures to build flexible and maintainable solutions. PD Inc has developed a system that solves these problems and helps give the customer a product they will be happy with in the present and future.

Once a signed contract is in hand, most technology firms start a process of modifying the requirements of their projects to fit the limitations of their experience or to limit the cost of development. PD Inc believes that to completely satisfy customers' specific requirements is our top priority. We work closely with management to bring about the most satisfying solutions.

Many consulting companies find a technology niche and direct their clients to use that technology without regards to their specific needs. PD Inc stays ahead of the latest scientific & business trends and can offer its clientele the best solutions available. Our company works closely with its customers to describe the full array of feasible solutions so that the most amenable one can be achieved.

In the industry, project teams are assembled using the existing developers that are available; even if those developers do not have the proper experience for the project at hand. PD Inc believes in fitting the consulting team to the project, rather than fitting the project to the consulting team. Our flexible resource allocation allows us to create the best team to fit the client's specific needs. This allows PD Inc to offer highly competitive prices, as there are no extra charges for extraneous resources.

Many solutions are developed so that they work out of the box, but little thought is put into future enhancements and architectural redesigns. Many clients find that the product is indecipherable and hard to maintain, requiring constant consultation from the development team to keep the application running. PD Inc follows all open standards for documentation and design and creates an architecture framework with maximum possibilities for future development in mind.

Our History

PD Inc provides solutions in general engineering, electrical and computer engineering, e-commerce, software development, business method analysis, and procurement. Our customer base draws from federal and municipal governments, IT firms, biotech corporations, and Fortune 500 companies. Each year we expand our solution sets and our capital base. Recently, we created an in-house R&D department. Today we are eager for new challenges.

Our Team
Our staff is full of experienced professionals ready and willing to meet any challenge posed by your company
Process is the key principal that PD Inc uses to ensure success on any project. We have built a solid architecture for each point of the APM process:
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