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Madison project, a JAVA OS for the severely disabled.

Madison is an on going effort to provide high quality access to modern and effective computer technology for individuals who are blind and have a severe limit on mobility or control as to limit the use of standard input technologies.

Madison is a user mode operating system based on the JAVA platform. It uses input on a joystick and 3 switches.

The joystick can be thought of as a navigation aid like the cursor keys up, down, left, and right. An expanded Morse (eMorse) code is used to replace the keyboard, the 3 buttons represent dot, dash, and meta.


[meta] = shift
[meta, meta] = command, like in Emacs
[meta, meta, meta] = shift lock
[meta, meta, meta, meta] = jump, like ctrl-alt-f1, alt-tab, but uses named targets

Applications are installed on graph file system. Each file system node has up to 4 vertices, named north, south, east, and west. Navigation is done via joystick or eMorse input. Applications should be deployed as jar files which would be retrieved by the web, or local disk.

Ideal system deployment would be as a USB volume and attached peripherals via an embedded USB hub.

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Our current todo list:
  1. Improve the morse code processing ofinput
  2. Write a filesystem navigator for the OS
  3. Write a text editor for the OS
  4. Write an email client
  5. Write a web browser
  6. Write a compiler
  7. Integerate with cell phone OS
  8. Integerate with PC OS

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