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Task Orders
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Team Members
Jason Pyeron: Principal Consultant, Systems Architect, Principal Investigator
Mike Zeitlin: Principal Consultant, Architect
Joseph Pyeron: Senior consultant, Disaster Recovery Specialist, Project Manager
Ilya Zeitlin: Senior Consultant, Architect
Tony Mariano: Senior Consultant, Regulatory Compliance Practice Specialist
Ning Li: Senior Consultant, Business Analysis, Project Manager

Teaming Partners
T3W Solutions (GIS Technology, Environmental Services)
Chiral Software, Inc. (Applications Development, Mobile Technology)
CodeRed Business Solutions (SDVOSB, Aircraft Maintenance Logistics, Public Transportation, Acquisition Logistics, Logistics Sustainment, TS)
Integrated Network Engineering, Inc. (Network Infrastructure, Network Security, Cyber Security, IA Certification, PKI, TS)

Quality Assurance Program
As a growing Hubzone small business, PD Inc. is very mindful of building a quality centric company culture. Customer satisfaction is among some of the most important goals for which we work diligently everyday. As an IT firm, we seek our Quality Assurance guidelines from the best practices in the field. We dissect industry standards, such as IEEE and CMMI, to distill processes that are compliant and ensure quality control and assurance.

We have developed a well-documented, proven internal process called Accurate Process Management (APM) to direct our technical activities. It breaks a project lifecycle into four (4) stages: Inception, Expansion, Working and Transition. Every stage has well defined sub-stages and steps. And each step is supported by carefully-designed template, technique and tools. It essentially provides us a comprehensive management process that entails the technique of Project Management, Requirement Management, Systems Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Configuration Management.

PD Inc. also seeks partnerships with companies that have CMMI level 3 and ISO 9000 certificates. These partners provide their management expertise that affirms and augments our existing processes. This practice also prepares PD Inc. for a CMMI certification process as the firm grows its financial capacity.

At the conclusion of each program, PD Inc. has designated personnel who conduct customer satisfaction surveys to ensure we communicated with customers and learn about their satisfaction level.

  PD Inc. Contacts for Program, Technical, and Customer Satisfaction Questions

Ning Li
Program Manager
443-269-1555 x 400





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