PD Inc provides solutions across a wide variety of industries, with expertise in many diverse areas.


Matthew Horowitz - Principal Technology Consultant

Mr. Horowitz specializes in national security solutions due to intimate knowledge of national defense and intelligence community policy. His subject matter expertise on cyber security policy has allowed him to conduct research and analysis in the field of Cybersecurity with strong focus on National Security, Cyber Security, Information-Technology Policy, Homeland Security, and Foreign Policy. His work has supported US Government and Defense policies and actions to actual and theoretical cyber events. Current areas of research include developing schemas and analytics to address insider threat detection; risk mitigation strategies for Defense Department, US Cyber Command, and other agencies; Brief Congressional & military leadership on emerging and active threats and draft response strategies.

He is also a former Legislative Director for the United States Congress, where he served for over a decade as senior staff and chief policy advisor for various members of the US Congress. As a chief advisor he provided his technical capabilities in support of domestic and foreign policy, including Foreign Affairs Committee, Armed Services Committee, national security, homeland security, information-technology policy. He developed continuity of operations plans (COOP) for numerous Congressional Offices and the US House of Representatives.

Jason Pyeron - Principal Technology Consultant

Jason Pyeron has over 18 years of experience within IT in strategy, process, architecture and design, development, marketing and sales. Jason has successfully managed programs in many industries, including industries such as government, retail, public service, banking, telecommunications, and health care.

Before starting PD Inc, Jason was CTO of a eDoctorAsia, a startup firm focusing on online health services within Asia. Jason helped lead eDoctorAsia through a successful round of multi-million dollar VC funding.

Michael Zeitlin - Principal Technology Consultant

Michael Zeitlin has spent over 10 years working as a technology consultant across the spectrum of industries in IT. His list of clientelle included Coca Cola, Home Depot, GE, FHLB, and Lucent. He has lead high-profile large scale solutions for major corporations in retail and government.

Michael was one of the founders of Electronic Test Prep, a corporation devoted to the online continuing education of students. Michael recieved a BS in Computer Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

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